18 in. Dishwasher Europe ADABuiltin 10 Place Sanitize Delay 1/2 Load 51dB 3.2gal.


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Ready to tackle all challenging messes that come its way, the Equator 10 Place Settings Stainless 18 in. Dishwasher Built-In 8 Wash Settings/Sanitize is an industry-leading model. Measuring 32.28 in. H x 17.63 in. W x 22.44 in. D, this standard sized dishwasher has a net weight of 72.26 lbs. It uses approximately 3.2 gallons per cycle, which makes it an eco-friendly choice. 8 unique wash programs ensure that you achieve the exact level of clean you desire. Choose between Daily, Heavy, Rinse, Fast 50, Delicate, Auto Sensor, ECO Sensor, and Pots and Pans. This appliance also has a Sanitize feature, heating water up to 150°F. Need only a select number of dishes cleaned. The Half Load option provides this extra layer of convenience. Other noteworthy features that are part of the Equator 10 Place Settings Stainless 18 Inch Dishwasher Built-In 8 Wash Settings/Sanitize include a child lock for enhanced safety, heater protection, low noise level (producing only 51 dB of sound), rinse-aid indicator, end of cycle indicator, touch button control panel, overflow and leakage protection, a digital display, and dual spray arms. Available in white, stainless, and black.

8 wash settings – choose between daily, heavy, rinse, fast 50, delicate, auto sensor, eco sensor, and pots and pans

10 place settings, spacious enough to wash all of your dishes at one time

Sanitize heats water up to 150°F to achieve the highest level of cleanliness

Child lock for added safety

Digital display, effortlessly select your desired program using the easy-to-read digital display

Touch button control panel, selecting your preferred cycle is always a breeze

Overflow and leakage protection, never worry about water and soap overflow ruining your floors

Rinse aid indicator, know exactly how much rinse aid to add every time

End of cycle indicator, receive a visual notification the moment each cycle has been completed

Eco-friendly, uses only 3.2 gallons of water per cycle

Dual spray arms, reaches hard to clean surfaces on all of your dishes

3 colors available in black, stainless, and white

Half load option

Overflow and leakage protection