1.62 cu.ft. Pet Compact 110V Vented/Ventless 15 lbs Sani Washer Dryer Combo 1400 RPM in White


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Treat yourself to the ultimate all-in-1 washing and drying experience with the Equator 1.62 cu.ft./15 lbs. White Super All-In-One Combo Washer-Dryer Built-in/Freestanding. Boasting a total capacity of 1.62 cu. ft. (15 lbs.), and measuring 33.5 in. H x 23.6 in. W x 21.8 in. D, the 4600 model allows you to wash and dry your laundry in the same unit. This appliance comes with 15 programs across both the wash and dry cycles-including Prewash, ECO, Sanitize, Allergen, Sensor Dry, and more. Allergen Cycle is excellent for those who face seasonal and environmental allergies, as it eliminates dust mites, dander, pollen, and dust. Pet Cycle is wonderful for all dog and cat owners, since it is designed to remove as much pet hair as possible. The 4600 model uses convertible venting/condensing ventilation, and is ETL certified. Users of the Equator 1.62 cu.ft./15 lbs. White Super Combo All-In-1 Combo Washer-Dryer Built-in/Freestanding enjoy a myriad of top-tier features, including touch buttons, a 2-minute winterize cycle, an anti-bacterial drum baffle, Add-a-Sock option, an end of cycle chime, and much more.

Wash and dry in the same appliance

Includes prewash, eco, sanitize, allergen, sensor dry, quiet, and more

Eliminates pet hair on fabrics

Eliminates dust mites, dander, pollen, and dust

Achieve the deepest level of clean possible

Secure child lock for added safety

Operate both the washer and dryer with easy-to-use touch buttons

Never worry about excess soap and suds

Winterize your washer-dryer combo in just 2 minutes

Proactively keeps your washer-dryer combo free of germs

Quickly troubleshoot with built-in diagnostics