1.6 cu.ft. vented Front Load Electric Dryer in White with Auto Control, UV Sterilization Technology


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When it’s raining or cloudy, the dryer becomes ideal choice, no matter what material your clothing is. Built-in UV lamp, repeated reflection through the stainless steel innermirror, 360° through the removal of bacteria, combined with circulatingwarm current, quickly remove the bacteria hidden in the fiber. Its perfect performance, compact design, and smooth lines will be perfectly suitable for home, office, factory, laundry room and other places.

Lightweight design, making it suitable for use in small spaces such as RVs and apartments

Compact size makes it easy to fit into any space, while its powerful performance ensures your laundry dries quickly and efficiently

With 10 lbs. capacity and 850w power, it delivers excellent drying performance every time, ensuring that your clothes are dry and ready to wear in no time at all

Quiet dryer, it runs at approximately only 60 dB. its perceived loudness can vary depending on the ambient noise level in the environment

Drum is made of high-quality stainless steel material to prevent rust and wear

Auto stop drying, the machine will auto-stop when detected your clothes are dried

With forward rotate mode and reverse rotate mode, it can minimize wrinkles in clothes

With knob-designed button, which makes the clothes dryer operation simple and easy to use without being overly complex

It can also serve as a supplemental dryer for existing laundry machines

Designed with front lint filter and back lint filter

Perfect addition to small spaces such as apartments or as a second dryer for your home

Built-in UV sterilization technology, you can be confident that your baby’s clothes are thoroughly sanitized and safe for use

Say goodbye to damp, musty clothes and hello to fresh, clean laundry with our reliable and convenient dryer