0.14 Cu. Ft. Peace 1971 Series 6 can Mini Fridge without Freezer


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Portable Coca-Cola themed mini-fridge is the perfect desktop accessory for your home, office or dorm. Keep your drinks cool with efficient thermoelectric cooling and warming technology. The 12V adaptor means you can use it in the car too!

4 L (4.2 qt) capacity holds 6 standard soda cans

Silent nighttime mode with no fan noise

Compatible with AC and DC power (includes indoor 110V AC and 12V DC travel cords)

Cools to 32°F (18°C) below room temperature or warms to 135°F (57°C)

Features official Coca-Cola graphics and groovy 1970s style artwork

Celebrates the 50th anniversary of the iconic “I’d like to buy the world a Coke!” Unity campaign

Lightweight and portable with flip-up carry handle

Secure self-locking door handle prevents accidental opening

Personal-sized travel cooler is the perfect size for your desk or shelf

Removable shelf helps organize contents

Uses efficient, reliable iceless thermoelectric technology